Register for Beth Moore’s “David” Bible Study

Just wanted to remind anyone who hasn’t already register but would like to that this Sunday, Sept 23rd, is the last chance to do so.  See details in the previous posts for study dates & video promo from Beth Moore.  

Come meet us in the West Foyer this Sunday (or send us an email if you would like to register but won’t be in church this Sunday).

Also the winner of our draw at the Ministry Fair for a FREE registration goes to… 





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David: Seeking a Heart Like His

I’m excited to get back into Bible Study!  I love the fellowship around the tables with other women, the teachings from Beth & even the “homework” Beth gives us each week.  (Yes – I admit – I do enjoy the homework!)  Remember to register this Sunday (Sept 16th) or next (Sept 23rd) in the West Foyer.  In the meantime, check out this video from Beth regarding this newly revised study.

David: Seeking a Heart Like HIs

Hope to see you all there!


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Women’s Evening Bible Study

“David: Seeking a Heart Like His”
by Beth Moore

  • When: Wednesday Evenings from 7:30 – 9:30pm
  • Dates: 11 week study divided into 2 segments: Sept 26/12-Oct 24/12 (5 weeks) and Jan 16/13 – Feb 20/13 (6 weeks)
  • Cost: $20 & includes Member Book Study Guide
  • Where: FGMB Church Basement, in the new open area
  • Format: Meeting around tables with the same group of women each week, discussing questions, sharing & praying, followed by 1-hour long teaching session by Beth Moore via DVD.
  • Registration: Sunday Sept 16th & Sunday Sept 23rd in the West Foyer

A warm hello to all from our Women’s Ministry Team – Val, Irma & Laurel!  We are so excited to begin meeting together again in a variety of ways.  We wanted to tell you a little more about the Women’s Evening Bible Study because (you may have noticed) we have changed our format this year.  You may wonder why.

So, here is some background.  The response to our Evening Bible Study has been really significant over the past 3-4 years, and some of the comments that we have received from many, many women have gotten us thinking.  Comments like:

  • “Can we do more Bible Study?”
  • “I just got to know everyone around my table and now we’re done.”
  • “I wish I could meet with my table group again – I miss them.”

And so we began to brainstorm what might be possible.  We looked at what other women’s groups have done and we came to our decision: to choose a longer study and divide into 2 sessions (because life is also very busy!).  At the outset we want to say that it might be a total flop (we sure hope not!) but sometimes you simply need to try something in order to know if it works.

So here we go!  We will begin at the end of September (Sept 26th to be exact) and dive in for 5 weeks.  Then we will pause, take a break, and come back together again in January to finish the final 6 weeks.  And that is when, we think, we will see the biggest benefit (and the biggest reason why we’re trying this!).  In having been apart, we think it will be SO GOOD to come back together around our tables to catch up, share, discuss what we’re learning, and pray together.  A real sense of community.  This is our hope.

To all the women who have studied with us in past years, we want to extend a warm welcome to come back again!  We hope you can!

To all the women who may be considering it for the first time, we want to extend a very warm invitation to join us this fall.  We would love to have you!  If you have any questions or concerns, or need some ‘gentle arm twisting!’ we would love to help!  Come and see us at the registration table in the West Foyer on Sunday, Sept 16th and Sunday, Sept 23rd!

And this Sunday, Sept 9th be sure to come see us at the Ministry Fair in the gym to FILL OUT A BALLOT to win a free registration for Bible Study!!