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Entering into Advent

Well, you don’t need to remind me how time has a way of running away (one quick look at the time lapse from the last blog post to this one & you’ll see what I mean!).  This fall, my husband & I tried to become more intentional about our time & how we use it.  We certainly haven’t got it all figured out, but we have definitely felt it’s benefits when we “got it right”.

Christmas can be one of those times in our calendar when we seem to be in scurry mode most of the time.  For us, we also have our daughter’s birthday just two days before Christmas, which also adds to the busyness (who planned that?!).  It’s easy during all this hustle & bustle to take sometimes even a few moments to spend some quality time with the “Real Reason for the Season” – Jesus.

I find it easier to have some sort of a plan.  So, when I came across a couple of advent devotionals I became a little excited.  The first one is from “Good Morning Girls” (a group of Christian women who email, facebook, twitter or text message to keep each other accountable for their quiet times).  They have a FREE Advent Study available to anyone.  Check out their website below.

Another fabulous looking resource is from a local Winnipeg gal, Heather Boersma.  Her advent devotional is available for only $6.99 as an eBook.  Check out her website as well and for further details on this study.

I would love to encourage you to check out one or both of these resources to help you keep focused on & connected with Christ this Christmas & to help you prepare your heart for this Advent Season.  Take note that both of these devotionals begin next week (Sunday & Monday), so don’t wait to find one that suits you.

And another fabulous way to kick off the Christmas Season is our Annual Women’s Christmas Brunch.  This is an event you certainly don’t want to miss out on!  Who can resist the breakfast buffet with all those delicious goodies, the anticipation of who will all be going home with one of the many fabulous door prizes, the laughter & fellowship around each table & the words of hope spoken to us from Elaine Froese (  Tickets are only $5 each & available for one more Sunday (November 25th)!

Blessings to each of you as you enter into the Advent Season!