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The Ugly-Beautiful

I was given a beautiful & significant book by Ann Voskamp, titled “One Thousand Gifts”.  Ann gently & passionately encourages us to seek a life filled with eucharisteo – to give thanks.  Subsequently, I was captivated by this “new” concept & Ann’s gifted way with words that I had to purchase her newly released Study Guide & DVD that coincides with her bestselling book.  It is just as thought-provoking & challenging.  During one of the video sessions, I was drawn to “the ugly-beautiful”; trying to find true beauty amidst the ugly.  The hardest part in this is adjusting our focus.  But the answer is to gaze upwards & focus on our Lord Jesus, and to look at the “ugly” through God’s lens.

I was amusing myself as I began searching for “the ugly” in order to seek the beauty.

“Lord, thank you for the marker stains on my dining room table which reminds me of the fun my son and his buddy had one afternoon, coloring wooden snowmen.”

“Jesus, thank you for the loud beating of the drums downstairs – I love how my son is expressing himself & who knows what this “talent” will turn into.”

“Lord, thank you for my non-stop chatterbox, for you have given her a beautiful voice.”

“Thank you, Lord, for forcing me to slow down while I was terribly sick.  It gave me the opportunity to have such meaningful & life-giving one-on-one time with you!”

“Jesus, thank you for the new little baby birds, even though they are rather ugly in appearance right now.  There is such beauty in the miracle of birth and the promise of who they will become.”

To quote Ann, “How does looking at the ugly and hard situations of life through the lens of Jesus change the way we see?”  I challenge you to try it; to seek out the ugly-beautiful.  With Jesus’ eyes we have the opportunity to love the unlovely into loveliness.