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The SEVEN Experiment: Week 7: Spending

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”
Matthew 6:21 (NLT)

This week, as we determine how we will “spend” our fast, it may be surprising to discover just where are hearts are.  Take something away and you will find out what you really value.  On the flip – ask yourself, “What do I have, or want, a heart for?” and then put your treasure there.  You will discover that your hearts will most likely follow your chequebooks.

In our video this week, we heard about an organization called “Open Arms”.  (Our apologies once again for lack of picture – sometimes these things are just beyond our control/capabilities.)  Open Arms employs refugee women with a living wage, using re-purposed t-shirts to create beautiful one-of-a-kind products.  Check out their website http://www.theopenarmsshop.com/ to learn more about them.  You may also want to check out this video, which explains the concept and purpose of Open Arms too.


How will you spend your next week?  Will you select just 7 vendors to spend your money at, like Jen?  Or perhaps you will eliminate 7 categories of spending (like restaurants, movies/entertainment, clothes, etc.)?  How about cutting back your spending by giving yourself a limited amount of funds to spend all week?  Will you take it one step further and do something with the money you may save this week?

Father – I pray that this week you would speak into our hearts.  Help us to break for what breaks You.  Combat our own selfishness, align our hearts with our chequebooks and help us invest in Your Kingdom.  Amen.


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The SEVEN Experiment: Week 6: Waste

This post is coming to you rather late.  In fact, most of us have already completed this week’s fast and truthfully are glad to get on to the “next thing”.  It didn’t surprise me that this week of “Waste Fast” didn’t have the same impact that some of our other fasts have.  On the other hand – perhaps we all need a little reminding now and then about such matters as “waste”.

Unfortunately, the seasonal timing of our study doesn’t allow us to go out and plant a garden like Jen, but there are still numerous ways we can care for all that God created.  I liked thinking about and viewing this week in the context of “creation care”.  How can we be good stewards of God’s earth?  His creation.  Ask yourself the question that Jen posed “Can we unlearn our destructive habits and re-imagine a way to live lighter on this earth?”.

I think we need to move past ourselves and the feeling that what I do has no real impact and come to realize that small changes can truly add up.  It has to begin somewhere.  May I challenge you to “live lighter” and to care for what God has so graciously created for us.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a number of things we can do when it comes to creation care.  I came across this site which may intrigue you.  Check it out.




Getting Back into the Swing Of ?

Well, it feels like a long time since we gathered around our tables on Wednesday evening sharing about our “fast” experience and the challenges placed before us.  We “ended” during our Media fast week.  Some of you may have already taken part in this fast, while others of you planned to wait until the New Year.  Or perhaps you’ve simply been putting it off, not too eager in participating in this one.  Wherever you may find yourself, may I encourage you to pick up your “Seven Experiment” workbook and reacquaint yourself with Jen Hatmaker’s “challenge” in becoming “honest and ready to untangle the clutter in your life”.  

Our first gathering back together will be next week Wednesday, January 22nd.  Although hesitant as to what else I will discover/encounter, I am eager to get back into this study and share fellowship around the table once again.

Hugs to each of you, wherever this currently finds you!